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Best Activity While Intoxicated Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2008 - Walking Around A1A in Palm Beach County

The lobby bar at the Ritz Carlton in Manalapan serves a delicious little plate of olives with its dry Sapphire martinis. There's so many of them, and they pair so satisfyingly with the cold gin and the light streaming in from the beach, that you can't help but have another drink. And then you're doomed. What to do? You don't want to go to Florida Stage, which is just across the street — it's very uncool to pass out in the middle of serious theater. And nearby Sushi Bon, though delightful, is probably not an option, as even good sushi can make drunk people yak. Anyway, you've just spent plenty of money. So why not just... walk? We recommend heading north. In just a mile or two, you'll see some extraordinary things. Just recently, we spied Ann Coulter standing outside of what was presumably her house, watching as a cute young valet from a nearby country club parked a car. Even if Ann's out of town on one of her peerlessly illuminating book tours, you might catch Rod Stewart weeding his lawn, Rush Limbaugh grazing in his, or Henry Paulson sitting glumly on his front porch, wondering how it all went so wrong.

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Support Increases for WADL TV 38 in Dispute With Blair Petry Media and former CEO Earl Jones a West Palm Beach resident

WADL continues to garner support from the media and advertising community as it attempts to recoup 1.5 million dollars from Earl Jones of West Palm Beach, former CEO of Blair Petry Media

DETROIT, Jan. 13 2009-- Members from all facets of broadcast media and advertising were made aware of a pending lawsuit that involves one of the largest rep firms in New York and the only TV station in the US that markets itself as an "Urban TV Station."

For years radio and television stations which target African Americans and minorities have endured unspoken discrimination as it relates to national media buys. Blair Petry Media and its CEO Earl Jones began servicing minority broadcasters by requesting that WADL TV 38 provide them with 1.5 million dollars upfront to ensure the station get a fair share of national dollars placed.

"It is incredible that we have a topflight staff, beautiful state-of-the-art facility, top shelf management, African American President, African American Marketing Director, cutting edge branding and we have been duped out of 1.5 million dollars," states Denise Dody Johnson, Marketing Director, in another previous interview."Blair Petry should settle this with an expeditious refund," states Jo Ann Thompson, Media Director for Blacks in Advertising Radio and Television (BART). The suggestion from the broadcast community and several grass roots organizations is to monitor this situation closely. In another attempt to have Blair Petry respond the response was, "This is an unfounded claim," states Lekha Rao, Vice President of Corporate Communications. When the Blair response was conveyed to management at WADL it was met with disbelief.

As of last week this situation has escalated to being one of concern to Reverend Jesse Jackson and several other political and media notables. "How is it unfounded when you request 1.5 million for the pleasure of doing business and you don't deliver and you don't reimburse? If it were CBS or Clear Channel this would have not gone unresolved, but because we are an Urban Station we are supposed to grin and bear it?" states Denise Dody Johnson Marketing Director.

What is also very noticeable is Earl Jones, former CEO of Blair Petry Media, who lives in South Palm Beach in the exclusive A1A has been unavailable for any communication since requesting the check for 1.5 million and receiving it. Earl Jones was responsible for initiating the 1.5 million dollar payment.

For additional information Contact Denise Dody Johnson: 586-790-3838 ext 39

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