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Cannes Class of 2008

7 years ago by J. Hoberman
CANNES, France—Wading through 20-odd movies in half as many languages, each Cannes jury supplies its own dramatic narrative, to be interpreted according to its president's presumed taste. Days before the 61st Cannes Film Festival ended, rumors were rife that the jury was having difficulties reaching consensus. As the award ceremony...

Rogues' Gallery

When your movie critics' tastes range from Jane Austen to Rob Zombie, there's bound to be some turbulence come award time. Perhaps not surprisingly, determining the year's best films is something of an imprecise science here: Our top movie was anything but a unanimous pick among the five critics —...

Peeps Invade Lake Worth Art Gallery

2 years ago by Rebecca McBane
With all the St. Patty's Day buzz in the air, it can be easy to forget there's another spring holiday hot on it's heels. As with most holidays that have a religious background, there's plenty of secular fun to be had in regards to Easter.Perhaps no secular treat is more...

Letters for October 2-8, 2008

Triple Threat Wow! What a story ("Packing a Tune," Penn Bullock, September 25). And that song "Change" is great too. Not many guys can rub you down, write you a tune, and sell you a gun all at the same time! Willy Bermuda Hollywood Boyfriend Hits a Homer I really...

MasterMind Awards — Meet the Judges

6 years ago by Michael Mills
Michelle Weinberg wears many hats: working artist, gallery director, arts educator — and now, judge for the MasterMind Awards, a contest founded by New Times and sponsored by the Amplitude Academy of Musical Arts, a new music school. "Always artist first," Weinberg emphasizes. The native New Yorker, who won a...
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