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Best Bread Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2008 - Renaissance Baking Company (Saturdays only)

Baker Steve Bern was making "artisanal" breads long before foodie windbags got hold of the term and turned it into a cliché. With his background in economics and engineering, and some strong risk-taking genes, Bern was a natural at creating the optimal conditions to keep a sourdough starter, and a business, alive. For almost 15 years, Renaissance breads were hard to come by in Broward and Palm Beach (the original store and bakery was in North Miami), until Hurricane Wilma did some serious damage to the Miami facility. Since then, Bern has opened an outpost in Greenacres, west of Lake Worth, where he bakes his crusty olive loaf, focaccia, chocolate cherry, classic baguettes, and a line of chewy, yeasty full-grain breads, some stuffed with nuts and fruit, to sell to local restaurants. You can find Bern and his minions at greenmarkets on Saturday mornings: Just look for the booth with the longest line.

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Definitely disagree. I used to buy bread at Renaissance when we lived in Miami SHores; the only reason was that it was too far to drive to Edelweiss or Gran Forno or Croissant times. Edelweiss has the best whole grain breads and Gran Forno the best ciabatta, rosette, and olive bread. Renaissance does not come close to those bakeries.


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