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Best Lunches in Fort Lauderdale

3 years ago by Melissa McCart
Fort Lauderdale is no slouch when it comes to street food, with plenty of options like The Whole Enchilada, My Market, Primanti's, and of course, LaSpada's. Yet when it comes to a sit-down midday meal that offers more than sandwich shop, the question remains: "Where should we go for lunch?"...

The International Language of Lunch

7 years ago by John Linn
Usually, when you’re sniffing out cheap lunch deals you tend to be a little less discriminating than you ordinarily would. You’ll ignore the sticky film on the tables at your typical dive because the food’s decent (“Now more edible!”) and the price is right (“All you can cram for just...

Them Eats is Cheap

6 years ago by Brandon K Thorp
Three, two, or even one year ago there wouldn’t have been anything notable about getting a decent lunch for $3.99. The fact that you could spend your lunch hour at scenic Fort Lauderdale Riverfront, grubbing on a blackened tilapia wrap at the Palm Grill while swilling $9 vodka martinis would...

Here Are the Winners of New Times' South Florida Web Awards!

2 years ago by Alex Rodriguez
Ian WitlenBoxwood Green Room in Downtown Fort Lauderdale had to deal with New Times shenanigans as we celebrated our first annual South Florida Web Awards Saturday night. See also: New Times' South Florida Web Awards at Green Room slideshow Nominees from Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Palm Beach gathered for drinks...

Cheap Eats: Five Places to Eat for Less Than $10 on Fort Lauderdale Beach

1 year ago by Sara Ventiera
With the polar vortex dumping buckets of snow, this has been an intense winter for those up north. While our northern brethren have been freezing their asses off, we've been chilling out in the sun with one of the warmest Florida winters on record. As much as we'd like to...
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