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Group Dynamics

6 years ago by Michael Mills
With a group exhibition, as with a party, so much depends on both the guest list and the host. In the case of the "58th Annual All Florida Juried Competition and Exhibition," now at the Boca Raton Museum of Art, the guests are about four dozen artists from all over...

Capsule reviews of current area art exhibitions.

9 years ago by Marya Summers
"Pretty as a picture" is a phrase that was inspired by images like Carmel Brantles' sepia-toned Paper Nautilus. The photograph of the spiral shell and the delicate shadows cast by its graceful swoops, swirls, and spires was awarded this year's Best in Show at "InFocus: 10th Annual Juried Exhibition," which...

Capsule reviews of current area art exhibitions.

9 years ago by Michael Mills
It's a sure sign summer has arrived when museums begin delving into their permanent collections. Hence, Miami Art Museum's "Big Juicy Paintings (and More): Highlights from the Permanent Collection." The exhibition delivers on its provocative title with more than 50 items from the vault, along with ten loans, presumably works...

Nathan Sawaya Constructs a Kid-Friendly Exhibit From Legos

5 years ago by Michael Mills
The Art and Culture Center of Hollywood is typically a pretty quiet place. There are no security guards patrolling the four downstairs galleries, just a volunteer staffing the front desk and at best a handful of visitors. Not so on a recent Saturday, when the place seemed to be crawling...

Ten Best Restaurants in Boca Raton

2 years ago by Sara Ventiera
UPDATE: Interested in the best of Boca's culinary scene? Then after you're done with this list, head over to our most recent list of the ten best new restaurants in Boca Raton. When it comes to restaurants, everyone has a different perspective. Some fancy traditional, Old World cuisine. Others like...
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