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Best Jogging Path Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2008 - Richard Giusti Heart Parcours

You could drive right by the Richard Giusti jogging path without noticing it. It's not much to look at — benches, trees, and a big wall dividing it from the neighboring apartment complex — and it certainly isn't sprawling. But upon closer inspection, you'll find that it's genius. The path is a self-contained, gravel-paved mile that winds around itself like a giant snake. Signs and 20 workout stations are positioned along the way, encouraging joggers to stop and do chin-ups, sit-ups, and any other kind of -ups you can imagine. Strategically planted pine trees shield joggers from the scorching sun. Simple in design, the place offers an easy way to measure your exertion ("You fix dinner — I'm exhausted from the eleven-and-a-quarter miles I ran today!") and stay safely visible at all times. Bonus: Check out an eclectic collection of speed-walking regulars, like the tiny woman who walks with a bag of trail mix and feeds the squirrels. Fitness and entertainment, what could be better?

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But they didn't finish the sidewalk. The Gov says no to concrete. They are almost finished with the neighbor policy in my life I will be 43 in Aug. First Mayor 1920ish, the American Legion Post 222 vehemently says they are Fort Lauderdale. WTF! God implant Acomplished Desert Shield on the Block I was born on. Kidnapped by the neighbor cops wife. GSTQ. I hope the Chief is not up there - LOL. The Police department owes me 20$ "etc.etc.etc.etc."


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