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Best Landmark Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2008 - Kenann Building

Kenann Building

Kenann Building

3101 N. Federal Highway

Wilton Manors, FL 33306


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The mosaics and marshmallow curves on this 8-story circular building lift many a commuter's spirits at the busy intersection of Oakland Park and Federal Highway. How can you not smile at geometric renditions of herons, sea horses, and marlins? Fort Lauderdale architect Louis F. Wolff designed this piece of fabulosity in 1964 for Ken Burnstine, a local drug smuggler and pilot. Burnstine disappeared 12 years later during an air show in the Mojave Desert. A single thumb was recovered from the wreckage, prompting some to speculate that he faked his death (Burnstine was scheduled to testify for the prosecution in a number of drug cases). The Kenann building's billowy white circles were inspired by — no joke — The Jetsons. Inside, the design wonders continue, with blue granite circles and mirrors cutting Art Deco shapes across the lobby and weighing down the elevators. Architect Dan Duckham updated the building in 1992. Today, Kenann tenants include doctors, lawyers, Citibank, and Muvico Theaters.

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Please stop calling this design "art deco" it is "mid century modern". Mid Century modern is a period of design from the late 40"s to the early 70's. "Art Deco" is a period of design and style from Paris from 1925 to the late 30's.


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