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Best Male Bartender Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2008 - Don Singleton

Don Singleton

Don Singleton

320 SW Second St.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312


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Whereas many drink-slingers say they're only working the clubs until they land that modeling contract, win the Nobel Prize, or meet a sugar mama across the counter, Don Singleton treats his job like a profession and a craft. Even when he's off duty, he has kind words for his co-workers and gets people psyched about the bar. He can always be counted on for a Hawaiian shirt and a sly smile that intimates he's in on a secret. He deftly helps customers navigate a complex beer selection, and he never runs out of drink suggestions, which may include his secret-recipe Mango Madness. Request some obscure, show-offy drink and ask "Can you make that?" and Don will just chuckle. Of course he can.

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As a LONG time customer of Fat Cats bar it boggels my mind that ONE gay person in their bar could make them so upset. Up until last nite, 12 years of going there, why does the door bouncer have to say, "Queer get out"....Okay, I'll take my $70.00 I spend each nite and go somewhere else...?? He didn't know I was friends with the owners??


Hello from Germany to Donster singleton .Its long Time ago that i heard something from you.I hope you remember the funny Time that we had.Enjoy your Day and may be send me a E-Mail how is it going with you.Greeting also to Kathrina and the others.

Best wiches Josef


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