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Best Meetup Group Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2008 - Fort Lauderdale/Broward Volleyball Meetup

In October, an out-of-shape, 30-something accountant named Gary decided it would be a smashing idea to organize a weekly volleyball match for folks of all skill levels. It would be casual, friendly, and non-competitive. Nobody would have to fret about getting spiked in the head by a hard-bodied beach bully. Heck, they wouldn't even bother to keep score! It took Gary a while to assemble a core group of regulars for the Saturday beach matches. Busy schedules, hangovers, and the harsh Florida sun made for spotty attendance in the fledgling, loose-knit group. But several months in, he has attracted enough faithfuls to warrant a weeknight match as well. The locations vary, as Gary seeks to lighten the commuting burden on members whenever possible. After playing, the group usually grabs a drink and maybe some grub together. Members have awarded the Meetup group with an average approval rating of four-and-a-half stars (out of five).

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Hands down the best Meetup group is Tri-County Travel and Adventures. I've been to others but their events are well attended and diverse.


Great group of people, which with everything , makes the group what it is. Come as you are... jungle and all. Right gary?


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