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Best Movie Theater Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2008 - Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso

Cinema Paradiso

503 SE Sixth St.

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


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It doesn't get any better than this: A big theater that hasn't succumbed to the dreaded multiplex sickness. Paradiso started out as a church, not a movie palace, and a warren of little-box theaters was never in the cards. Instead, they offer lots of plush velvet seats, one big screen, and movies galore, from Fort Lauderdale film fest entries to programs for kids. Plus, they sell beer at the refreshment stand. And popcorn that tastes good. Tragically, Cinema Paradiso is a one-of-a-kind joint in Broward-Palm Beach. May its success spread like sunshine, creating many other Cinema Paradisos.

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Damn now everyone will know..... This is by far the best theater in south florida. Great Theater Friendly Staff nad they host the best partys. Congrats CP.


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