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Best Place to Cure a Hangover Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2008 - La Rosa Nautica

La Rosa Nautica

La Rosa Nautica

515 NE 20th St.

Boca Raton, FL 33431


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Waspy Europeans with their genteel hangover remedies — vodka and tomato, champagne and orange juice, lemon and bitters — might as well just grab an ice pack and crawl back into bed: Nobody knows what to do with the morning-after like the Peruvians. The folks who invented the Pisco Sour know that an even sourer dawn is best banished by a little hair of the fish with lime juice; we're talking the stuff left over when all the ceviche's eaten and you're left with just the milky, pucker-inducing dregs. Add enough dark beer or spirits to this quaff and you'll find your spirits raised considerably. At Rosa Nautica, a hole-in-the-wall Peruvian cafe nobody knows about but you and me, they name these concoctions after the milk and blood of tigers, bears, and other carnivorous creatures, but drink one of these babies and believe it, you'll tame the beast.

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Juan V
Juan V

Victorias by far the Best........ im inlove with peruvian food ive ate in rosa nautica anther place la esqiuena ceviche but victorias is the newest and the best place to have authentic peruvian food ith daily specailsand great variety. Im so glad peopleare starting to know about Victorias since tehy have not been opened for a yr. I gues the food and the service speaks alone not to mention the Great service they have i alos highly recomend it. Its also a family owend and oparted. I think the father is teh cook and both son's rotate in the kitchen while the other one is a waiter and the mother does the best rice pudding in the world not to mention their Flan!!!!!


Their is a new and better place called Victorias peruvian cusinse,. I ve ate at rosa nautica but they moved to boca raton but for my surprise thir is anew rest. in the sam location. Their is absolutly no ties to the rest. expect thy are peruvian. By far Victorias has to be the BEST PERUVIAN rest in West Palm Beach. best serivce , warmest hospitality GREAT food with variose Varieties. HIghly recomend it if you want to try Peruvian food or have tried already.

Victorias Peruvian cuisine111 s. 3rd street, Lantana FL(561)588-9606


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