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Best Place to Film a Zombie Movie Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2008 - Downtown Hollywood

Downtown Hollywood

Downtown Hollywood

between 19th and 21st avenues

Hollywood, FL 33020

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As a franchise, the zombie flick is brainless and relentless, much like the zombie itself. So we may as well make money off them, and that means alerting Hollywood, California, to the marvelous zombie film locations available in Hollywood, Florida. Specifically, the whole downtown. There's an ample supply of zombie-esque transients to work as extras. Half the storefronts are vacant and the other half will close on the cheap rather than suffer another slow night. The condo towers around Young Circle are pitch-black at night, as if their owners had already been gobbled up. Come to think of it, are we sure that real zombies haven't already struck this luckless berg?

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Toni Jr.
Toni Jr.

I am looking for partners to help me plan and stage a zombie crawl in West Palm Beach. Target date: October 2009, perhaps on World Zombie Day. If we're feeling particularly ambitious, we might even be able to learn some or all of the Thriller zombie dance, but that's not required. Vampires, incubi, succubi, and all others in costume will also be welcome to participate as our PFRAZ contingent (Parents and Friends of Revenants and Zombies). Interested? Contact me directly:


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