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Poker Gets Dramatic

9 years ago by Dave Amber
In the evil galaxy of schadenfreude where theater resides, nothing's better than a darkly funny play about hopeless wankers full of big talk and even bigger dreams that you know will never be realized because of their cycles of obsession and addiction, whether it's drugs, sex, or, in the case...

Letters for August 14-20, 2008

Keep the Bench Warm "Royal Flushed" (Michael J. Mooney, August 7) points out some good facts, but it's way over-the-top on glamorizing playing poker for a living. Anyone who claims he plays poker for a living in Florida is a wannabe, a jerkoff, and a degenerate.  It's impossible to sustain...

Letters for October 2-8, 2008

Triple Threat Wow! What a story ("Packing a Tune," Penn Bullock, September 25). And that song "Change" is great too. Not many guys can rub you down, write you a tune, and sell you a gun all at the same time! Willy Bermuda Hollywood Boyfriend Hits a Homer I really...

Board Games, the Undead, and You

7 years ago by John Linn
Here’s the thing about musicals: They can’t be all brass and balls. Not every number is going to be as inspiring as the last, and sometimes a show full of stale duds can be saved by one climactic song at the right moment. Back in the old days, theaters would...

After Election Coup, SPJ Wins National Award

5 years ago by Lisa Rab
Koretzky, still a rebel.​When last we left the South Florida chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, members were reeling from a coup staged by Florida Atlantic University student newspaper adviser Michael Koretzky and a band of young whippersnapper journos.Old-guard board members of the venerable group were aghast at Koretzky's...
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