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Best Scooter Shop Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2008 - Scooter Superstore of Hollywood

Scooter Superstore of Hollywood

2300 N. 23rd Ave.

Hollywood, FL 33020


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When you first buy a scooter, there are so many things to learn. Like: That curved stretch of road by the airport always has turbulent winds. Or: Tube tops are a bad idea. And: If you wear the tube top anyway, you'll likely end up riding half-naked, which will lead to a three-car pileup. Thankfully, there's a place where you can acquire scooter-riding savvy without having to fill out embarrassing police reports. At the recently relocated Scooter Superstore of Hollywood, you'll find helpful, non-pushy, knowledgeable employees. They've been serving Broward by selling and restoring new and vintage scooters for more than 35 years. Their spankin' new showroom comprises a bounty of makes and models; from street-style brands like Suzuki and Kymco to classics like the Genuine Scooter Company's Stella, they've got two-wheeled action to suit your monetary and aesthetic needs, plus hoodies, T-shirts, retro goggles, European helmets, and collectible doodads. Now you can stop scouring the Internet for Stella miniatures and Vespa coffee mugs and get your hands on the real thing. But leave the tube top at home.

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I stopped in to the Scooter Superstore in Gainesville and found out they had brand new Vespa ET4s in stock. I bought one for about $300 more than I was about to spend for a used one with 4500 miles on it. GREAT DEAL since I get full factory warranty with the bike and did not have to figure out how to ship it halfway across the US.

They told me about this "Best of" award so I came here after buying the bike, gald to see that I can comment. These guys are truly SUPER and with five stores the inventory that they can draw from is HUGE as well.


We have two Buddies that we bought from the Super Store last year. We got great service from all of the staff starting with sales and the mechanics right down to the office people. They even spent about half an hour with us after we had bought our scooters to make sure that we knew how to ride them before they would let us leave.

Well the Buddies did not get driven all winter and one would not start. The Scooter Superstore sent their van out and picked up the bike, fixed it and had it ready for us that weekend. Now we have a battery tender wired in to each bike to keep them charged for when we want to ride.

Let me tell you, it is not just the size of this place that makes them a Superstore, it is also the way that they take care of the customers. Before, during and after the sale.

Next year when our little boy turns 15, we are going back to the Scooter Superstore. He has already picked out his bike. He wants a Black Cat. In my mind, there is no other place to buy him his scooter.


I have an older Vespa and took it in for service at the Vespa Dealer on US1 after I moved down here. They would not work on it and sent me to the Scooter Superstore in Hollywood. These guys knew all about my bike and were able to fix it with no problem.

Their Chief Mechanic knows an incredible amount of stuff about scooters. What is even cooler is that he is in the Guinness Book of World Records for driving a scooter from the Atlantic to the Pacific. He averaged 156 MPG for the trip that took 13 days. WOW. that is a scooter enthusiast.


I have been there.

This is the biggest scooter shop that I have ever seen. Lots of scooters on display and when I went out back it looked like hundreds sitting in there warehouse.

I actually went there to buy a helmet because a buddy of mine said that they had a HUGE selection on display. He was not kidding, I found it hard to choose. They were very helpful in making sure that I had one that properly fit.


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