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Swimming Upstream

7 years ago by Brantley Hargrove
At 7:15 on a morning in mid-June, Dara Torres strode out to the 25-meter pool at the Coral Springs Aquatic Center, turning heads among the teen and preteen swimmers around the Olympic-sized pool. She's an imposing sight — the striated deltoids common to champion swimmers, a back with muscles stretched...

An Underage Sex Scandal Leads to Fort Lauderdale's Swimming Hall of Fame

10 months ago by Deirdra Funcheon
Minutes after this article went to press, Chuck Wielgus, longtime head of organized swimming, withdrew from his planned induction into the Swimming Hall of Fame on Fort Lauderdale Beach. For details, see "USA Swimming Executive Director Withdraws From Hall of Fame Consideration Amid New Times Investigation Into Sex Abuse." It...

Letters for June 12-18, 2008

Lay Off Capitalism, Dude Nice work ("Man a Mano Against Poverty," Tailpipe, June 5), but can we stop attacking the '80s and Reagan? The decade wasn't about greed, as is commonly portrayed by the far left. It was about capitalism... the very "evil" that has raised more people out of...

Letters for September 4-10, 2008

Water Is Not Water One quote that really made me laugh in "Kick the Bottle" by Lee Klein (August 14) was: "Water is water." No, it isn't! Have you ever wondered why so many of the imported beers taste better than our American-made brands? It's because the water is different...

BitTorrent Becomes a Money Pool for Lawyers Chasing Illegal Downloaders

4 years ago by Keegan Hamilton
The bad news arrived in John Doe 2,057's mailbox in May. His wife unsealed a thick envelope from Comcast and read a carefully worded message explaining that a company called Imperial Enterprises, Inc. had filed a lawsuit against him in Washington, D.C., federal court. He stood accused of having illegally...
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