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Best Bar for a Philly Transplant Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2009 - The Parrot

The Parrot

The Parrot

911 Sunrise Lane

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


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Not much in South Florida makes a Philly fan feel at home. It's nearly impossible to find a genuine Philly cheese steak, sports fans are more apathetic than psychopathic, and there is a haunting lack of William Penn statues. The Parrot Lounge is as close as it gets to walking down Broad Street. It's game days when the Parrot really shines. Hours before kickoff during football season, hundreds of people flock to the bar. Once the Eagles take the field, 90 percent of the televisions are tuned to the Eagles and 100 percent of the folks in the bar are screaming (mostly obscenities) at the top of their lungs. Every play is scrutinized, every call is wrong, and every point scored is accompanied by an earth-shattering E-A-G-L-E-S chant. As a bonus, wear a Giants, Cowboys, or Redskins jersey during football season and you're likely to get free drinks... "accidentally" spilled on you and your loved ones. Just don't try it during the playoffs or you'll be asked to leave for your own safety — literally. It's enough to make a grown Philly boy cry.

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Jack from Fort Lauderdale
Jack from Fort Lauderdale

Due to the perpetually rotating short order cooks, their food is disgusting. Gut down some brews before getting up the courage to consume solid fare. However, there is always a plethora of JoPa Nittany Lion and Donny McNabb Eagles fans on big game days. Unfortunately, neither has had a truly big game in decades.

Tom Hodas
Tom Hodas

Baldino's in Tequesta has the best Philly cheese steaks.


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