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Best Broward County Politician Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2009 - Jack Seiler, new mayor of Fort Lauderdale

Yeah, we'll have to go with Jack on this one after he crushed his opponents to become mayor of Fort Lauderdale. The former state legislator has the common man's touch. He's an old jock with a big family. And he looks, in a certain light, just like a Neanderthal. How much more common can you get? But under that heavy brow is a shrewd operator, sort of the caveman lawyer of Broward County. He plays all the angles just right, and while he's no angel, he always manages somehow to keep his hands clean. And now he's won this great honor — but watch out, it comes with a cautionary note. During the past few years, we've endorsed Ken Keechl (recently disgraced in the Mutual Benefits scandal), Ben Graber (sold out and washed up), and Steve Gonot (criminally charged and removed from office). Seiler will surely have a bright future — so long as he can survive the "Best Of" curse.

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Jack from Fort Lauderdale
Jack from Fort Lauderdale

New Times should have a minimum threshold for Broward politicians that requires something beyond being out on bail. If your Jack is a man's man and stand up guy, let him dump the Chief of Police and all the other dirty folks who perpetuate the filthy environment of cronyism that pervades Broward County.

Ben Graber
Ben Graber

I am very proud to have been selected Best Politician by The New Times in the past. It is not a curse but an honor and a challenge to endure. The New Times sets high standards. Public figures have many stresses and difficult issues to balance. Many times the game you are watching is not the game being played. Thanks for the recognition positive or not. Keep up the good work. Best wishes and congratulations to Mayor Seiler. Remember, The New Times serves an important constituency and has a vital role to fulfill.It should be appreciated. Ben Graber