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Best Comics Store Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2009 - Tate's Comics

Tate\'s Comics

Tate's Comics

4566 N. University Drive

Lauderhill, FL 33319


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It's safe to say Tate's Comics is a dynasty in South Florida comics. We have handed it Best Comic Store for about the past 73 years, but it's not because we're lazy. It's because of conversations like this that happen inside the sacred walls of geekdom:

"But look at her boobs; they're so fake-looking."

"She's made out of PVC."

"Obviously, but they're just so fake-looking, and why would she wear that if she's fighting dragons?"

"She fights demons."

"Oh, sorry, but they're still fake-looking."

There's a feeling you get when you walk into Tate's — an instant sense of dorky camaraderie, like everyone who walks through those doors is your friend. Those who can't tell the difference between toys and collectibles, who can't see beyond the pictures to the content — those people are the outcasts in these hallowed walls, and it takes a special store to instill that feeling without seeming elitist. Tate's isn't a store — it's a haven, and it's a place of respite from a harsh world. It's a place where superpowers are the norm, and no pop culture reference is too obscure. Tate's is heaven.

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Congrat's to Tates! I have loved this unique shopping destination since it was just a tiny little comic shop, 16 or so years ago. They are unstoppable, in their new, ultra hip, location and the Bear and Bird Boutique and Gallery upstairs adds even more opportunities to burn my hard earned pay!


They make all my vinyl dreams come true! What an exceptional choice!!!

Chuck Finley
Chuck Finley

Tate's is AWESOME. They have everything you would ever want that is comic-related plus tons of other stuff that you never knew even existed. But the main reason I go there is the super HOT and helpful female staff members. They take the store to a whole other level.

Chuck Finley
Chuck Finley

Tate's is AWESOME. They have anything and everything you could possibly imagine comic-related, plus tons of other stuff you had no idea even existed. But the main reason I go there is the super HOT and helpful female staff members. Without them, the store wouldn't be as cool.

Johnny Wins
Johnny Wins

Respect! Tate's is a Heaven. Dare I say it should be declared a national monument, or at least be put on all the tourist maps.

The staff is always helpful & knowledgeable & the fact that they win best of consistently doesn't surprise me.

What did surprise me was the crap store New Times picked last year as the best of Broward.


I have to agree!! Tate's Comics is the best store I've ever been to hands down. They deserve to always win this, since they are always getting better and are always the best! Go Tate's!


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