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Drag King

14 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Eddie Izzard knows precisely why he wanted to become a performer, be it an actor or stand-up comedian or, for that matter, a street performer entertaining passers-by for spare change. When he was 6 years old, Izzard was living in South Wales with his parents and older brother. Before that,...

Letters From the Issue of June 18, 2009

Best Of Ballot Stuffing I appreciate Living Room being selected as Best New Bar. Although, as a designer who has created 13 nightclubs, the idea that Living Room is referred to as a bar is questionable. I have never designed a bar. I do, however, appreciate the editorial that followed...

Letters From the Issue of September 17, 2009

Just So You Know, Depeche Mode Rules I seriously am not trying to be a jerk, but I thought I would correct a few statements from your article about Depeche Mode ("Synth Saviors," Arielle Castillo, September 10): Dave Gahan has been clean since the release of Ultra in 1997.  People...

Sierra Mizrahi Hosts "An Afrikan Affair" Drag Ball Tonight in Hollywood

1 year ago by Liz Tracy
Sierra Mizrahi, AKA James, got her second name in the ballroom scene amid drag queens, men dressed like moms and club girls, and artists of the vogueing sort. "I knew that I wanted to be in women's clothing. I knew that I wanted to do drag," Mizrahi says. Slight and...

The Sunshine Stampede: Gay Cowboys, Drag Queens, and Bull Riders

10 months ago by Kyle Swenson
The goat doesn't want to wear the undies. Can't blame him. Plus-sized, bleached-white tighty whities are not very chic. A tall man, blue shirt tucked neatly into his jeans, holds up the animal's brown-and-white-mottled back end, while his teammate, a squat woman, tries to work the underpants on. The goat's...
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