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Best Margarita Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2009 - Le Tub

Le Tub

Le Tub

1100 N. Ocean Drive

Hollywood, FL 33019


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Dear Margarita,

We?ve been seeing each other for some time now, and I think we?ve reached a point where we should solidify our relationship. I know I?ve been seeing other cocktails ? playing the field, so to speak ? but I blame that on capricious youth. They never loved me the way you do; they just wanted my pocketbook and a one-night fling. It seems I always wind up back at Le Tub, searching for you. I think it?s time we became exclusive. When we?re together, the stars align and we communicate on a higher, less verbal level. I become hypnotized by the way the humidity clings to the side of your casual yet elegant plastic cup. Then you fill me with a warm, tingly feeling as the moonlight slides across your salty rim. You always leave me wanting more. Le Tub Margarita, please consider me a long-term suitor. After all, you complete me.

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