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Best New Play Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2009 - Carter Lewis' Ordinary Nation, Florida Stage - CLOSED

Carter Lewis\' Ordinary Nation, Florida Stage

Carter Lewis' Ordinary Nation, Florida Stage

262 S. Ocean Blvd.

Lake Worth, FL 33462


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Last May, just as our nation's most visible political performers were turning into caricatures of themselves and making strawmen of their enemies, Florida Stage unleashed Ordinary Nation: a political play that made a mockery of categorical political definitions. Plenty of people forgot it the moment it was done with — it was subtle almost unto quietude — but others, it haunted. The story of a lefty academic with a bookie dad, a gambling-addict daughter, and a wife who is cheating on him with a GOP senatorial candidate, Lewis' play showed us the profound ways in which our politics inform our lives. And then, in the play's final half-hour, it showed us politics' limits. The heart, as it turns out, has its own ideologies that don't respect party lines.

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