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Best Pizza Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2009 - Mauro's Gourmet Pizza and Pasta

Mauro\'s Gourmet Pizza and Pasta

Mauro's Gourmet Pizza and Pasta

1904 Hollywood Blvd.

Hollywood, FL 33020


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The sign on the wall at Mauro's says, "NO KNIVES, NO FORKS, NO CUPS, NO ICE, NO CHEESE, NO PARMESAN, DON'T ASK," and it's translated into Spanish just so everyone gets the message. Other signs warn patrons "Prices are subject to change instantly" and "If you are rude, impatient, miserable, or annoying, there will be a $10 charge." Nothing like a little atmosphere. When you step into the long, narrow pizza parlor, all you'll see is scribbled-on dollar bills stuck to the wall with packing tape, an arsenal of pizza ovens, pizza boxes stacked to infinity, and a cooler full of domestic beer. Oh, you expected a menu? When you see the big-bellied pizza cooks in their white T-shirts and the tiny counter girls in tight jeans — all identifiable by matching scowls — you may opt to keep your mouth shut about that. Do ya think they offer broccoli rabe in this joint, Biff? When you get your piping-hot, giant slice — cheese goes for $2.50, and it's cash only — you will understand why this New York-style pizza, with its sheets of creamy mozzarella, its sweet but tangy sauce, its crust of perfection, has saved the lives of millions who roam from bar to bar on Hollywood Boulevard. Wash that thought down with a soda — sold only by the can. Now scram!

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Joe Jamz is the best they have the best pizza sauce its awesome.


joe jamz is the best pizza in town not only pizza they have also the best subs cold or hot and you can even sit down and enjoy music and watch sports games. Mauro's is not the best.


I can't believe that Mauro's is considered the best. Joe Jamz blows it away. I lived about a block away from Mauro's but would drive 45 minutes round trip to go to Steve's Pizza. Now i don't have to cause Joe Jamz is right down the street. For those, and there are many who don't like the sweet sauce that I love, the margaretta pizza will blow you away. And they do have forks, knives, cups, etc., just ask.


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