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Best Place to Get Wet

Ski Rixen at Quiet Waters Park

Here's the first brutal truth about Florida's coastal inhabitants: We don't all own boats. So logically, we've adapted by befriending people who own boats. But here's the second brutal truth: It's not always easy to stay on the good side of our boat-owning friends. Fortunately, there's a wet sanctuary between...

Ready! Wet! Go!

17 years ago by Robert Andrew Powell
Across the Tamiami Trail, past The Pit barbecue and the Miccosukee gambling palace, and following 90 miles of monotonously swaying sawgrass sits a bar. This screened-in hut serves as an unofficial gatehouse to the fishing village of Everglades City. On a Friday at dusk, as the setting sun stains the...

Wet Curtains

When you're a teacher at a prestigious, high-priced private school, your life ain't your own, savvy? You can't go around like ordinary citizens, getting drunk at parties or goosing people in the street, because stuff like that gets back to the headmaster. So when a veteran English teacher at the...

The Big Wet One

18 years ago by Peter Rainer
If one is in a Biblical frame of mind, the sinking of the White Star Line's R.M.S. Titanic about 400 miles off the southern coast of Newfoundland in 1912 could well be characterized as an act of divine one-upmanship. The 46,328-ton "ship of dreams" was struck down on its maiden...

Best Burger 2009 Honorable Mention

6 years ago by John Linn
This year's Best Of Broward-Palm Beach edition is up online today, folks. And I have to say: this issue is packed full of great food. Want a great place to walk up and get a slice of New York pie, complete with the scowl? How about the very best restaurant...
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