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Best Place to Live Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2009 - Wilton Manors

It's almost 9 p.m. You're on the patio at Rosie's with a bucket full of rum and pineapples and you're about to bite into a Young Ranch Hand (a chicken sandwich with ranch dressing). From the speakers blasts a series of fabulous but forgotten pop songs. Down the block, men scoot down the sidewalk to the sounds of trance music pouring from the open shops. Across the street, a parade of drag queens marches by. Some of them are singing Disney show tunes. There's truly something for everyone in Wilton Manors. It's much more than the safe, clean neighborhoods that make this the best place to live. It's pizza at Humpys. Or beers at Georgie's Alibi. Coffee at Java Boys. A night of candy from To the Moon. A burger at Bill's Filling Station. The freaks in the middle of the night at Peter Pan Diner and breakfast at Simply Delish. It's the smiling faces of the dog walkers. It's certainly the friendliest place in South Florida. It's the insanity of Halloween, the biggest night of the year, and the most elaborate Christmas decorations around. Most of all, it's the celebration of diversity and acceptance.

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Drag Queens? Since when did dressing up as a women become the symbol for gay life?

What happend to real men enjoying real men?

What happened to real men having a monogomus relationship with one man?

Wilton Manors a great place to visit but a lousy place to live.



You must be a tourist because I can assure you living in Wilton Manors is not fun.

The gay guys are all brainless, who are only looking to get drunk and do drugs.

Tons of gay bars, which themes and guys trying to dress up as women or thinking that wearing jeans makes them more of a man.

Wilton Manors is not accepting. If you are from the country, have a southern accent, like anything that burns gas or diesel you will not be welcome in this town.

If you are ripped body builder that sleeps around and dresses in a skimpy speedo while walking down Wilton Drive you will be accepted.

It is so very sad to see what Gay people find accepting and how they should be accepting of everyone and they are not.

Mike A


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