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Best Place to Release Your Inner Nerd Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2009 - Center for Inquiry of Fort Lauderdale

Who shares your crush on author Neil deGrasse Tyson? Who could understand that your goals include touring the Galapagos Islands and observing the mating dance of the blue-footed booby? Who else wants to gather around cake and educational discussion on Darwin's birthday? The Center for Inquiry of Fort Lauderdale, that's who. This group of educators, and science enthusiasts from all walks of life is a geeky refuge in a world where "intelligent design" jockeys constantly for the limelight. It is here, over dinners, campouts, and informative lectures, that you know you can let your inner geek roam freely without fear of it being stuffed inside the Great Locker of Religion-Influenced Society. CFI's organizational crew brings in revered scientists and professors from across the country to speak at its events. Some chisel apart factually infeasible portions of the Bible, while others share new ideas about evolution's influence on the human psyche. The best part? You're encouraged to approach all of it skeptically, then research what you've learned and argue the points that feel weakest to you. This is a place for debate, discussion, and discovery, and we are grateful to have it in our own backyard. [Insert glasses readjustment here.]

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Yes, a great group of Free thinkers and all meet at The First Supper first Friday of every month for some stimulating superstition free conversation

r senatore
r senatore

As a member of the Fort Lauderdale CFI group, I applaud your article!... Wellll, most of it.. not ALL of us are "geeks" lol...In any event, thanks for letting the public know that we exist and we invite all who revere science and logic, to participate!


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