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Best Place to Support Caged Dogs


Among the things universally found irresistible: bacon sandwiches, a free pass of wacky tobaccy, and cute-ass puppies. We're talking the teacup kind that you find at Petland — those little balls of fur that just about fit between your index finger and thumb. They're so precious that you just might...

Caged Swelter

13 years ago by Ashley Fantz
There are two dollar bills tucked into Pamela Canellas's cleavage. A flurry of boa feathers sprouting from the base of her ponytail and floating down half the length of her five-foot, three-inch body, Canellas is working her French manicure into the sides of her red-sequined Charo getup. Here, in the...

Reno Yohai, Arguably South Florida's Worst Dog Owner, Keeps 34 Caged Pit Bulls In Fetid Home

2 years ago by Terrence McCoy
Hell in South Florida is a taupe, one-story house where rusted chains dangle from trees and the smell of feces and decay is so strong it lures rats at night. On even the brightest of days, sunlight doesn't infiltrate its darkened chambers. And the baying of dogs -- 34 pit...

Best Burger 2009 Honorable Mention

6 years ago by John Linn
This year's Best Of Broward-Palm Beach edition is up online today, folks. And I have to say: this issue is packed full of great food. Want a great place to walk up and get a slice of New York pie, complete with the scowl? How about the very best restaurant...

Letters From the Issue of June 18, 2009

Best Of Ballot Stuffing I appreciate Living Room being selected as Best New Bar. Although, as a designer who has created 13 nightclubs, the idea that Living Room is referred to as a bar is questionable. I have never designed a bar. I do, however, appreciate the editorial that followed...
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