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Best Political Activist Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2009 - Charlotte Greenbarg

You don't have to agree with Greenbarg's politics or her stance on every issue — but you better give Charlotte her respect. Because when it comes to activists and political watchdogs in Broward County, there's not one who is more vigilant than Greenbarg, president of the nonprofit Broward Coalition. She keeps an eye not only on her home city of Hollywood but on the construction department at the Broward County School Board, where she sits on the audit committee. There, Greenbarg holds the often buffoonish officials' feet to the fire with her no-nonsense questions. She has been at the forefront of ending the "Pay first, ask questions later" mode of business at the district and has given much-needed moral support to School Board auditor Dave Rhodes, a man who has the fortitude to tell the truth in that house of lies and who actually tries to keep waste and corruption down to a low roar. Greenbarg is one of the good ones — and Lord knows Broward needs all of those it can get.

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Patti Lynn
Patti Lynn

Every decade or so, Broward County is blessed with a person who becomes the proverbial "thorn" in the sides of elected officials. Look what happened to the Port Everglades Commission !!!

Charlotte Greenbarg is the current "thorn". Thanks to her, the Board of County Commissioners and the Broward County School Board think a little harder, delve a little deeper, and remember to look again at proposed actions. It isn't that they are trying to pull a fast one, but sometimes they try to hurry the process and cut needed corners. Hers is a thankless job, but one sorely needed.

I haven't even read the rest of your "Best", but, with this selection, you have done a great job.

Charlotte Greenbarg
Charlotte Greenbarg

Well, you've done something they thought would never happen; you've rendered me speechless. Thank you so much for the honor and the kind words.


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