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Best Supporting Actress

Nanique Gheridian in Michael Frayn's Benefactors, Palm Beach Dramaworks

For good Darwinian reasons, we remember trauma with more clarity than pleasure. This, perhaps, is why tragediennes win more awards than their comedienne counterparts. Last year, Nanique Gheridian turned in a memorable performance as Sheila, the frightened, mousy wife of razor-witted Colin (played by Todd Allen Durkin). Abused, afraid to...

Patricia Arqeutte Q&A: The Actress on South Florida Green Drinks

4 years ago by Nicole Danna
​How would you like to meet up for some Green Drinks?Although Green Drinks may sound like the perfect name for some newfangled, health-conscious, eco-friendly beverage, it's nothing of the sort. It actually stands for something much better: the name the Green Drinks nonprofit uses for its meetings, where South Florida members...

Whitney Houston, Actress: Surveying the Great Diva's Checkered Film Career

3 years ago by Melissa Anderson
In anticipation of the remake of the 1976 girl-group melodrama I (which didn't screen in time for our deadline)—Whitney Houston's posthumous film appearance and her return to movies after a 15-year absence—we look back at the handful of celluloid performances by the woman once known as " the Voice." Houston's...

Letters From the Issue of July 30, 2009

Frey Isn't the Problem If [Lt. Col. Ricky] Frey is the most qualified for the job and the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP) money was primarily from his own contributions, I'm finding it hard to understand the point of your article when it comes to Frey ("Double? Try Triple Dipping,"...

New in Film for Friday, June 12, 2009

Tulpan A small mob of camels stampedes by a nomad's tent. Inside, a young guy in a sailor suit sits on the rug, cheerfully recounting his death struggle with an octopus to the impassive middle-aged couple he's hoping will be his in-laws. Miscellaneous brays punctuate Asa's story, which is interrupted...
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