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Readers' Choice: Best Bar in Broward

Kings Head Pub & Restaurant

Kevin says: “The staff is awesome, the owner is great, and the place has the feel of going over to someone’s house to enjoy a few brews with friends. If you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to enjoy the fine people and beer at Kingshead Sunrise!” Click here...

Best Of Readers' Poll 2009: Best Bar in Broward

6 years ago by Eric Barton
So what criteria do you use exactly to find the best bar? Who's got the most generous pours? Hottest waitstaff? The one that's so close that you can stumble home? Decide for yourself, and then vote for it in the comments field below...

Best Of Readers' Poll 2009: Best Restaurant in Broward

6 years ago by Eric Barton
We need some help here, folks. So many great restaurants, so little time. From the tiny corner bistro where you've been a regular for years to the splashy newcomer cheffed by a big name, Broward County can grapple with the big guys when it comes to fine dining. So what's...

Best Bar in East Broward

A "traditional" Irish bar located smack dab on the corner of Sleazy Street and NE Drunk Avenue in Pompano. Really doesn't sound like it should work, right? But the clientele that packs the Briny every night (especially Saturday night, when Rob Rage, the Briny's own rock 'n' roll cover band, plays) doesn't give a shit. They're just there to drink, shout incoherently, and hope the room stops spinning before they get thrust out upon the beach at 2 a.m. Actually, it's easy to think the room's spinning even if you're not drunk, since the bar is cluttered with kitschy Florida décor (mounted fish, thick ropes, life preservers, photos of people holding mounted fish and life preservers) and other assorted oddities such as encyclopedias. A word to the bar fight-inclined: The Briny has an extra-long bar top, perfect for throwing the raving lunatic hitting on your girlfriend down the bar, where your friend will have hastily set up a pyramid of beer bottles for him to smack into.

Best Bar in West Broward

Ex-pats can be the most refreshing people to come across in South Florida's suburbs, reminding us, with the very tones of their saucy accents, that there is a world beyond marathon satellite television consumption in our 60-mile spread of four-bedroom cement blocks. There is no more intimate environment west of I-95 to mesh with the Brits than this master bedroom-sized pub and eatery. The menu of pub fare, which notes, "We pride ourselves on bland food, warm beer, and bad service," declares the take-us-as-we-come charm that makes unwinding at the King's Head a reality check in a culture run amok. Stuff your gut with some fish and chips ($8.95) or chicken curry with spices on a bed of white rice ($9.50). Down a pint of Fullers ESB, throw some darts, or just sit on the plastic chairs outside, puff a fag, and watch the crazy Yanks roll past in those cars that they can't afford.
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