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Readers' Choice: Best Pizza

Pizza Fusion

Kornelia Rybitwa says: “Who would have thought something organic could taste so amazing? I am no health freak, I do not shop at Whole Foods, but I have never had a better pizza.” Click here to see all of the votes for Best Pizza...

Best Of Readers' Poll 2009: Best Pizza

6 years ago by Eric Barton
No single foodstuff has been fought over with the fervor of of the simple tomato pie. Everybody's got an opinion, and our guess is you're no exception. Whether you like the fat, doughy Chicago pie, the New York-style thin crust (soft enough to fold in the middle), one of the...

Best Pizza

It's no secret that Louie Louie's pizzas win awards all over the place. Wouldn't it be clever to be come up with someplace new? But that would be like dumping your life partner because you lost ten pounds. The secret of the success of these pies, which don't even headline the menu of this Las Olas classic (now also located across Las Olas and on Delray's Atlantic Avenue), is the way the kitchen makes so much go such a long way. Served piping hot, the homemade mozzarella and tomato sauce blend with the extra virgin olive oil on the delicate margheritas and heartier Neapolitans so authentically that you feel like you'll get smacked in the back of the head if you talk with your mouth full. Not that this is our local version of dinner at the Goombahs. The vegetarian toppings and healthy pies and the grilled rosemary chicken pizzas take the selections into new territory with great style -- much like Garbo tackling laughter in Ninotchka. Perfection on a platter.
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Readers' Choice: Best Museum

Museum of Art/Fort Lauderdale

Art Boy says: “The Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale had stunning exhibitions in 2008-2009. My favorites were the Pablo Picasso ceramics/Carlos Luna paintings exhibition; the 13 South Florida Artists exhibition; and ‘Coming of Age,’ that American masters exhibition.” Click here to see all of the votes for Best Museum...
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Readers' Choice Winners

Maybe it's because Broward and Palm Beach are hot or that you love Star Wars, but thousands of you shared your opinions on the area's best food, booze, shops, people, and places. In fact, in the finest tradition of South Florida, you spread the love. Consider the restaurant category, which...
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