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  • Best Adult Video Store

    Tropixxx Video

    In better economic times, you shopped differently. You felt quality transcended quantity. Nowhere else was this more apparent than at your local adult video store. It was there, in that high-ceilinged, well-lit den of sin that you slapped wads of dead presidents on the counter in exchange for Debbie's misadventures in Texas, Marilyn Chambers' cultish crossover, and, of course, the… More >>
  • Best Scooter Store

    Vespa of Fort Lauderdale

    You can't recall exactly how the romance started, but the flirtation began at the intersection of Federal Highway and NE 26th Street. Every day, you drove by and there she was, resting outside the Vespa shop, beckoning. Her dragon-red paint job teased you with its gleam. You knew you needed to take her home, but you were conflicted: A girl… More >>
  • Best Thrift Store

    The Poverello Center

    Fashion-forward women know one thing about thrifting: Shop where the drag queens donate. It's a simple rule and one that will score you bounty beyond your wildest wishes. Size 11 patent-leather pumps? Check. Amazing accessories? Yep. Fancy evening wear? Just take out the shoulder pads and it's perfect! So where does one find such a collection? The Poverello Center, of… More >>
  • Best Mechanic

    Ernesto Salazar at J. Ko's Auto Repair

    Here's a story about a woman and her car. How the sunny streets of South Florida aren't pedestrian-friendly. Or car-friendly. How when her car kept overheating, she learned she needed a new radiator, water pump, and thermostat. And how she couldn't afford to pay the estimated $1,300 to fix it. This is when Ernesto the mechanic entered the story. Ernesto… More >>
  • Best Body Shop

    Chassis Master

    If you’re unlucky enough to need one of the body shop services, it’s tough to weed out the fly-by-nights from the real pros. Chassis Master is definitely one of the latter. Staffers are superpolite, they know how to handle insurance companies, and most important, they’re superb craftsmen who can turn a crumpled wreck into a work of beautifully contoured art,… More >>
  • Best Head Shop

    Peace Pipe

    I remember walking into Peace Pipe for the first time. My school uniform might have been the reason I got carded. But what almost got me kicked out was a friend who used the word bong. Everyone knows, in an age when government agencies are ridiculously spending taxpayer money to raid things like head shops, nobody sells bongs. They carry… More >>
  • Best Tattoo Shop

    Colorfast Studios

    Despite the unassuming, narrow exterior of its original downtown Fort Lauderdale location, Colorfast packs a mammoth-sized artistic punch. The waiting area is bright and clean but no-nonsense. Although the staff is friendly, Colorfast is not necessarily where you come to waste time and mess around. It's where you go to get some seriously sick work done. Like any earnest tattoo… More >>
  • Best Tattoo Artist

    Holden Ritchison, Formula Ink

    OK, so this is the kind of tattoo shop where you hang out — and the staff wants you to. Owner Holden Ritchison, a big Santa Claus of a man, started this new shop just a few doors down from the Culture Room. With an open-plan space that looks more like a den, Formula Ink has the best abandoned boyfriend/girlfriend… More >>
  • Best Place to Support Caged Dogs


    Among the things universally found irresistible: bacon sandwiches, a free pass of wacky tobaccy, and cute-ass puppies. We're talking the teacup kind that you find at Petland — those little balls of fur that just about fit between your index finger and thumb. They're so precious that you just might fork down the thousand bucks for one without thinking about… More >>
  • Best Dive Shop

    The Scuba Club

    They don't call the Scuba Club a "country club for divers" for nothing. It may not boast a croquet lawn or polo grounds, but it does feature a swimming pool, a deep tank, classrooms, locker rooms, a boat dock, a gear shop, a photo lab, a picnic area, a one-bedroom hotel suite, and even a steam room, all on site.… More >>
  • Tate\'s Comics

    Best Comics Store

    Tate's Comics

    It's safe to say Tate's Comics is a dynasty in South Florida comics. We have handed it Best Comic Store for about the past 73 years, but it's not because we're lazy. It's because of conversations like this that happen inside the sacred walls of geekdom: "But look at her boobs; they're so fake-looking." "She's made out of PVC." "Obviously, but they're just… More >>
  • Red Pearl Yoga

    Best Yoga Studio

    Red Pearl Yoga

    Try as you might, you lack self-control. It would be nice if you were part of that specially selected few with the ability to follow a yoga routine at home, without a guide coaxing them through completion. But you are not. The flipside, of course, is that you can stretch and bend in the company of South Florida's finest yogis:… More >>
  • Intoxiskate at Gold Coast Roller Rink

    Best Cheap Thrill

    Intoxiskate at Gold Coast Roller Rink - CLOSED

    Remember the old-school brown skates from your childhood days at the roller rink? Recall the disco ball and the Moonlight Skate? Remember how they always trucked in cases of beer and liquor... Hey, wait a second! That nifty little addition has only been part of the skating experience since the Intoxiskate party launched under the radar a couple of years… More >>
  • South Florida Powered Paragliding

    Best Not-So-Cheap Thrill

    South Florida Powered Paragliding

    See the guys at the beach waving their metal detectors over the sand. See the guys with kiteboards flopping around in the waves. Now see those guys get owned by Carlos Segnini and Oscar Aranguren of South Florida Powered Paragliding , who are puttering over everyone's heads in their motorized flying machines. The men's formula is this: lawn chair + motor… More >>
  • Best Place to Ditch the Kids

    Small Land at IKEA

    The whining. The nagging. The incessant need for coddling. Sometimes your spouse just drives you bonkers — the kind of insanity that only strolling through a labyrinth of home goods can cure. Of course, you still have the tykes to contend with. It is tedious mornings like these that demand freedom — and honey, that's why IKEA's Small Land exists.… More >>
  • Best Gym

    The Gym 111

    Located right in the thick of downtown Delray's restaurants and nightclubs, the Gym 111 is a decidedly metropolitan experience. Other gyms buy up cheap strip-mall space in the suburbs, then pack the floor with loads of cheap equipment and a few cheaply paid employees — the better to offer cheap rates to the droves of gymgoers they hope to attract.… More >>
  • Best Silk Screen Company

    Iron Forge Press

    South Florida's underground music scene is constantly going through reinvention. Bands form, flourish, and extend their tentacles beyond the peninsula's watery tips, then vanish. It's evolution with a backbeat, and nobody documents the phenomenon with more aesthetic prowess than local silk screeners Iron Forge Press. The Forge is owned and operated by dudes with esteemed local musical lineages and dozens… More >>
  • Best Middle Eastern Grocery Store

    Al-Salam Middle Eastern Restaurant and Grocery

    Masha'Allah! Look at all the selections. Of course you have all your fantastic, hard-to-get Middle Eastern foods and drinks. Crackers, snacks, packaging with funny pictures and words you may or may not understand — but love all the more. And before you shop, of course you'll stop for a meal at the restaurant next door — Lebanese-influenced dining and perhaps… More >>
  • Best Liquor Store

    Total Wine & More

    Just because Total Wine is a chain with 55 locations nationwide doesn't mean it's anything less than a tribute to the glory of booze. Walk into any one of its five South Florida locations and you'll find a playground for adults — albeit an expertly categorized and impeccably labeled one. Wines from every imaginable region are separated by country and… More >>
  • Best Record Store

    Backbone Music

    In the somewhat unlikely cutesy locale of downtown Delray, this small but sharply curated store has become the go-to spot for kids from northern Broward and Palm Beach counties. The name of the game here, really, is rock — and specifically, all those gloriously messy offshoots that derive from punk. Looking for a split 12-inch by a couple of obscure… More >>
  • Best Used-Book Store

    Second Edition Book Shop

    There's a store hidden away in Lincoln Park Plaza in Davie that seems very out of place. Walk through the door of Second Edition Book Shop, where comfy, overstuffed leather chairs are tucked away in the corners, and suddenly you're miles away from strip malls and traffic-choked roads. A cheery voice beckons from behind countless bookshelves, welcoming you to what… More >>
  • Best Record Store to Die

    Uncle Sam's

    This Broward County institution announced its closure suddenly this past winter through an email notification about a clearance sale, and the cries of horror were nearly audible. Nearly every Gen-X and Y music geek in the tricounty area had made a pilgrimage at some point to the store, which was South Florida's original temple to independent culture. It had all… More >>
  • Best Café to Boycott

    Starbucks in Wilton Manors

    Less than four years ago, this Starbucks opened between two locally owned and vastly superior coffee shops — Stork's and Java Boys. Since then, the corporate storefront has been competing for one-third or more of Wilton Manors' coffee dollars and waiting for the competition to fold. Before Starbucks, the property housed a charming little café that served a perfect salmon… More >>
  • Best Reason to TGIF

    Delivery Day from Purple Pie Co. at Pink Ghost

    You are a cubicle soldier, bravely battling work's demons for five long days each week. By Friday, you've slain the dangerous busywork dragon down to a mound of ash while retaining a jovial demeanor, and your energy is depleted. This is the day you receive your grand reward: The pies have arrived. The most delectable treats in Broward aren't found… More >>
  • Best Place to Improve Your Nest

    Habitat for Humanity Re-Store

    Recycle, reuse, reupholster is your mantra, especially since you became a homeowner. Rather than making another frantic excursion to the Home Depot, try exploring Habitat for Humanity Re-Store's labyrinth of nesting supplies. It is there, in that glorious warehouse of potential, that you'll find oddly shaped doors, avocado-colored sinks, and pile upon pile of tile — all waiting patiently for… More >>
  • Best Boutique


    Dear Diary, First off, I'm sorry I haven't written in so long — I just haven't found anything really juicy and crush-worthy to share until today. I was wandering along, underwhelmed by my shopping options, certain that I would never open my heart again, and that's when it winked at me. Jezebel. With its pink trim and dazzling window display, it… More >>
  • Best Computer Repair Shop

    Tech Support Wizards

    It happens — without fail — at the most inconvenient time possible. You've spent weeks working on a project, report, or dissertation that was due yesterday, and just as you begin booting up, your machine turns on you, emitting a series of ill-fated beeps and assuring you that your labor is lost in a netherworld of binary code. Now what?… More >>
  • Best Library

    Broward County Library: Hollywood Branch

    One of the first things to get slashed in personal budgets during rough economic times is entertainment. It's hard to justify spending $30 on the newest hardcover teen vampire love story when the power bill is looming, but the government is here to bail you out. The Hollywood Branch of the Broward County Library is a sprawling, two-story shrine to… More >>

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