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Best Of Winner

Best Activity While Getting Bombed

The Fort Lauderdale Bus Loop

Pub crawls are usually the sort of thing randomly cooked up by groups of friends or orchestrated by groomsmen. But if the city wants to sanction this drinking tour and throw in a trolley to transport drinkers from bar to bar, well... who are we to argue? During a night...

Peeping Bomb

8 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
Writers Christopher Landon and Carl Ellsworth receive sole credit for the movie Disturbia, which is surprising, as the film clearly is based on both a previously published work (a 1942 short story by Cornell Woolrich titled "It Had to Be Murder") and the John Michael Hayes-penned, Alfred Hitchcock-directed, Academy Award-nominated...

Bombs for Babies

11 years ago by Trevor Aaronson
In the early evening of Tuesday, November 11, 2003, Stephen Jordi parked his 1988 Ford Aerostar van in a lot south of the Sunset Harbor Marina in Miami Beach. With him was a friend he'd made in August, Stewart Welch. The two looked almost identical: middle-aged white men with flabby...

Top Ten Movies of 2010

10. Enter the Void I can't fully condone director Gaspar Noe's trip — in my review, I called it a "mashup of the sacred, the profane, and the brain-dead," and I stand by that. But I've come to appreciate its stoner stoopidness as part of its charm. And nothing else...
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