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Best Addition by Subtraction Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2010 - Joey Porter (DUI)

Joey Porter (DUI)
Have you ever been eating something that tasted OK — except for one ingredient that completely dominated the flavor? Maybe the recipe contained capers or mayonnaise or sardines. You know the whole thing would be better if only you could take that shit out, if you could go back in time and never put it in. Those salty capers, that oily mayo, those slimy little fish — that's what Joey Porter was to the Dolphins' defense last year. Let's not mention the fights he got into with both teammates and opponents, the fact that he proudly carries a gun he calls "my little buddy," that he was once shot in the ass, that his dogs allegedly killed a horse, or that within three weeks of the Dolphins' cutting him, Porter was arrested for a DUI in Arizona. Purely from a football standpoint, the Dolphins defense is faster, smarter, and hungrier without Porter. Get used to hearing the name Karlos Dansby.
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I would go with Ted Ginn, most of Porters issues were off the field. Ginn was a major disappointment during his entire stay in Miami. Dropping catchable passes..running out of bounds to avoid being hit..questionable effort on pass routes. One of the worst #1 picks in Dolphis history..Dolphins are much better by his departure.


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