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Best of SIFF 2010 Audience Award Winners


Ten Best Barbecue Spots in South Florida

2 years ago by Sara Ventiera
As the days get longer and the weather warmer, nothing has come to signify the lazy repose of a hot summer day like the smoky scent of slow-cooked barbecue. At its most basic, "barbecue" means meat, slow-cooked over an open flame. Beyond that, there are scores of variables -- and...

Memorial Day Eats: South Florida's Best Barbecue

3 years ago by Tricia Woolfenden
Happy Memorial Day weekend. Prepare to celebrate this three-day holiday with tons of barbecued and grilled meats and cold drinks. If you're not into the DIY barbecue thing, there are -- contrary to popular belief -- places in South Florida where you can get some decent (or great) barbecue. In...

Best Barbecue Runner Up: Sheila's Famous BBQ, Conch, & More

5 years ago by John Linn
Every year in our Best Of issue we have to make some tough choices. Take the category of Best Barbecue, for example. There are probably a good half-a-dozen restaurants that would qualify for this award depending on who you talk to. For example, some people think Tom Jenkins should win...

Top Ten Movies of 2010

10. Enter the Void I can't fully condone director Gaspar Noe's trip — in my review, I called it a "mashup of the sacred, the profane, and the brain-dead," and I stand by that. But I've come to appreciate its stoner stoopidness as part of its charm. And nothing else...
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