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Best Coach Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2010 - David Lee, Dolphins Quarterbacks Coach

David Lee, Dolphins Quarterbacks Coach
You've probably never heard of David Lee — but you've seen his work. You've seen it in exotic formations and in the play of several quarterbacks. You've also seen the results in the Dolphins win column. Lee is a longtime Arkansas Razorback and a Parcells guy. He was an assistant in Dallas during the Tuna's reign. When he came to Miami in 2008, he brought with him a little offensive gimmick play he called the "Wildcat." It was unorthodox — a running back in motion, another back lined up behind center, and a quarterback lined up out wide. Defenses, including the mighty Patriots', had no answers. The Dolphins ran the Wildcat all the way to a playoff spot, a division title, and a tie for the best single-season turnaround in league history. Lost in the Wildcat chatter was the fact that Lee was also the man behind the resurgence of a washed-up Chad Pennington. (That year, Pennington won his second Comeback Player of the Year award.) But Lee wasn't done. When Pennington went down last year, Lee made Chad Henne look like the closest thing Miami's seen to a franchise quarterback since Dan Marino. Lee may be the single most underappreciated coach in professional sports.
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I think coaches should be evaluated on thier record...the Dolphins finished 7-9 last year...Henne may be a future Pro Bowl Qb..but other than a great game vs Jets in Miami..he was erratic...threw more INT than TDs. My vote would go to Randy Shannon, Head Coach of the Hurricanes..they actually had a WINNING season.


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