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Best Of Winner

Best Cold Treat on a Summer Day

Birthday Cake Gelati Richie's Gourmet Italian Ices

If you haven't visited the little ice hut on the southwest corner of Dixie and Commercial, you must be a moron. We are serious about this. How fucking stupid do you have to be to miss out on the birthday cake gelati — a combination of ice cream and yellow...
Best Of Winner

Best Cold Treat on a Summer Day

Vanilla Frozen Custard at Rita's Water Ice

Most days, the sweat begins to prickle your neck as soon as you open the front door. The four steps to the car feel like a jaunt in a swampy Sahara. By 2 p.m., the only escape is inside a freezing ice cream parlor, preferably one with quaint wooden benches...

South Florida's Best Cold Treat on a Hot Summer Day

3 years ago by Tricia Woolfenden
With a summer that lasts a good chunk of the year, the people of South Florida need -- make that deserve -- lots of options for cool, refreshing treats. While an ice cold beer does the trick nicely, sometimes you crave the innocence and nostalgia of an icy sweet treat...

Who Won Best Restaurant in Broward? Best Restaurant in Palm Beach? See New Times' Best Of 2010!

5 years ago by John Linn
New Times' annual Best Of issue is out today and live on the site. Pick up your copy, or check out the online archive now up to date with 2010 entries. Dish was one of the largest sections in this years' issue with more than 40 winners. We've got some...

Night & Day

16 years ago by John Ferri
Thursday May 27 Before taste was abandoned in popular music, insinuation went a long way. The Cigar Store Indians, a country/swing/rockabilly outfit that walks the line between Elvis and the Stray Cats, get a little naughty on "Fast Lane." "I want to ride in your fast lane, 'cause drivin' fast...
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