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Ten Best Gay Bars in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach

2 years ago by Grant James
Being gay in South Florida is as common as it gets. Sure, there's still prejudice, bullying, and occasional hate crimes, but where isn't there these days? On a map, South Florida is one of the most gay-friendly areas in the country, not to mention the world. Sure, it's no San...

South Florida's Ten Best Local Releases of 2010

4 years ago by Reed Fischer
The methodology for this list was simple: Any local recording that made a huge impact in 2010 would be considered. This included EPs, mixtapes, Mediafire .zip files, Bandcamp profiles, split cassettes, and ringtones. Music consumption in South Florida shouldn't be confined by technicalities or "official release dates" — that would...

WMC 2010: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

5 years ago by Jose D. Duran
We are sort of stretching this since Winter Music Conference wrapped up Sunday, but it just took a while to finally sit down and process everything we did over the course of last week. But here it is, our final call on all the great and not-so-great things that we...

New Times Best of Broward-Palm Beach Readers' Poll 2010

5 years ago by Eric Barton
Think you know the best record shop, burger, and gay bar in Broward and Palm Beach counties? Your votes -- and some of the messages you leave in the comments field on the items below -- will be published in our annual New Times Best of Broward Palm-Beach issue June...

The Dirty Dozen: 2010's Most Despicable People

4 years ago by Michael J. Mooney
Click here to see illustrations and photos of our Dirty Dozen picks. Apathy. Can you hear it? The silence that hovers from the beaches to the swamps. The lethargy that keeps people from standing up and fighting back. The malaise that makes South Florida so seedy, so corrupt, so chock-full...
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