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Best Late-Night Dining Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2010 - Havana Hideout

Havana Hideout

Havana Hideout

509 Lake Ave.

Lake Worth, FL 33460


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Let's be honest: There's no good reason to eat a fat-ass fish taco at 1 o'clock in the morning. The human body doesn't physiologically need beef empanadas or chocolate chili pepper ice cream before it's content to go to sleep. So if you're eating hot-pressed Cuban sandwiches or ceviche with avocado around the same time Craig Ferguson signs off for the evening, it's probably because you've indulged in more than your fair share of alcohol. And that's what makes Havana Hideout so great. Not only does the divey Lake Worth bar and restaurant serve the booze needed to induce hunger pangs after midnight but it politely offers a way to alleviate them as well. Now that's one-stop shopping. As for what happens afterward, while we can't officially endorse passing out in the Hideout's tropical patio garden (that would be wrong), those chairs sure do look comfy after a late-night snack.
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Anthony Burgio
Anthony Burgio

Don't bother going during the week if got late night craving cause they close down at 10, made that mistake one night and was very disappointed not to get my empanada craving met. Ended up over at Downtown Pizza who thankfully is open later.


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