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Best Panthers Player Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2010 - Goaltender Tomas Vokoun

Goaltender Tomas Vokoun
No hockey player feels the shame of a losing franchise like the goalie. This season, the Panthers missed the playoffs for an NHL-record tenth consecutive year, and their struggles obscured what could have been a sterling season for Tomas Vokoun. In 2009-10, the 33-year-old Czech netminder posted a .925 save percentage, the third-best mark in the league. The save percentage is the statistic that will tell you the most about the quality of the goaltender, and it demonstrates how frequently a low-scoring Panther club remained competitive thanks to Vokoun's heroics. Yet the other statistics show just how futile those efforts were: Vokoun lost 28 games ­— tied for most in the league. Considering how the Panthers' front office blundered by losing top defenseman Jay Bouwmeester the previous year to free agency, that shouldn't be a surprise. Even though Vokoun saved most of the shots that came his way, the Panthers allowed so many shots to get near him in the first place that they essentially lost a numbers game. Whatever is wrong with the Panthers franchise, it's not Vokoun's fault. He's the one cat who deserves to hold his head high.
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Time to get facts straight about Tomas Vokoun...he has been pulled on several occasions..not exactly a "sterling" season. He has given up a lot of soft goals and gives up leads on many occasions..more like meltdowns and not "heroics". Vokoun was on the trading block until the new GM said they would keep him. The only stat that matters for a goalie is goals allowed and wins. Panthers were one of the worst teams in NHL in that area. One of the few things Panther organization has done right the last several years was NOT trading Bouwmeester ..Panthers were in the playoff race at the trade deadline and kept Bouwmeester.. but thanks to several bad games by Voukoun... Panthers missed playoffs by one point.


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