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Best Pizza Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2010 - Joe Jamz Pizza & Baked Goods - CLOSED

Joe Jamz Pizza & Baked Goods

Joe Jamz Pizza & Baked Goods

320 S. Federal Highway

Hollywood, FL 33020


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Votes: 36

"I've never eaten pizza so good in my entire life as the fine Joe Jamz pizza. Not only is it the best in Broward County; it's pretty much the best south of NYC, and the staff couldn't be kinder or more helpful." — Merrick Chase

Runner-up: Sicilian Oven, 25 votes

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molly bloton
molly bloton

the sauce tastes like chef boy r's NOT good. The mgr or owner (not sure which) is loud and rude to his employees. Will NOT visit again.

Barry Stock
Barry Stock

Indeed, Joe Jamz makes a pie that is second-to-none, and renders the word "leftovers" obsolete. There are no leftovers. We are very lucky to have this joint in our neighborhood, and if the city would ease up, there could be more Jamz as well as pie.


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