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Best Place to Drink but Not Eat Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2010 - Mai-Kai



3599 N. Federal Highway

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308


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Here, at one of the last remaining "Grand Polynesian Palaces of Tiki," the drinks are legendary. They are phenomenal, magical concoctions comprised of rum and fruit juices and time-tested mixology. Whether it's the "barrel o' rum," the piña colada, or the mystery drink (served on fire, with four straws and a personal Polynesian dance), these spirits will take you to another period in Florida's history — a simpler time, when a man with a pompadour hairdo and a woman with a flower behind her ear could stare into each other's eyes and forget about life with some tropical sounds, some twirling fire, and a sweet injection of delicious booze. Unfortunately, there's the Mai-Kai food. Starters come not from some island paradise but seemingly from freezer to fryer. The dried, fried appetizers head right into the expensive-but-bland entrées that also seem cooked during that same time in Florida's history, several decades ago. You can't wash this down with a barrel of liquor or a personal Polynesian dance.
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Ms. Truthy Saidit
Ms. Truthy Saidit

To whom it may concern,    Yes, Ms. Truthy Saidit is here to tell you the truth. Truth is what I believe in and Truth is what you'll get. OMG the drinks were FANTABULOUS but the food made me go to the Bathroom. I had to go get me some Pepto Bismole. I was like a rocket ship getting ready to take off out of Kenndy Space Center. Poooffff Begone...Oh Dear Just making me think of this food again, But like I said the Drink Fantabulous...I even wore my new cocktail dress while sipping away, just to enjoy all the cocktails, I love the blue apple rasberry cheese danish pumpkin orange poppyseed martini they offer there really know how to shake things up. "The heat is on and the rice is cooking"Till next time I'm just hear to tell the Truth, the Truth that Grandaddy always told me to do.Best of Luck,Ms. Truthy Saidit 

Middle River Hot Rods
Middle River Hot Rods

And bring your American they use to say in the ads for Mai-Kai. Yes it's pricy, and who really goes there for the food, it's the drinks and the atmosphere, a total experience, the show..where else do you see hula girls and fire dancers? Young and old will never forget the experince...good pace to show off Ft Laude.  It's a tradition, and if you know some old boy from the midwest...the look on his face when you order him the mystery drink.... is priceless. 


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