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Best Pompano Beach Bar Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2010 - Buccaneer Lounge and Liquor

Buccaneer Lounge and Liquor

Buccaneer Lounge and Liquor

2470 N. Federal Highway

Lighthouse Point, FL 33064


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This Pompano neighborhood bar is for storytellers. As the bartender will tell you, sometimes they're the same stories. You'll be the thousandth ear that's heard that Buccaneer regular, the middle-aged ex-yachtie or rabble-rouser, relate the time he got pulled over with rum and pot. Spoiler: The cop let him go — phew. But here, you're among friends. And you'll listen to him tell his story 1,000 more times if you decide to dock at this bar that also functions as a liquor store. Tucked away off Federal Highway in Pompano, in the back of a shopping plaza, the Buccaneer is as inconspicuous as a bar gets. The side that faces the plaza is a liquor store. The only way to get to the bar is through the store, or around the back along a small neighborhood street. Don't miss the small round window with the neon sign that reads "Bar." That's your only landmark. (Well, that and the door that's usually open.) Once inside, the mural will transport you to the islands. But good conversation and good stories will make you realize why you love the neighborhood again.
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This place is garbage. It does have a later closing time. Bring your oxygen mask as the smoke has been in there since 1920 on! If you can tolerate dingy pool hall type places depicted on tv, you have found a home.


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