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Hollywood Prime

Size does matter —  in the wine department. When it comes to securing the perfect vino to pair with that steak, one page is just not going to cut the muster. Sorry. While most dining establishments offer page after page of the same mass-produced vino, there are restaurants that really...

Ten Best Bars for Cocktails in Broward County

1 year ago by Sara Ventiera
Broward County has a long alcohol-fueled history. From Prohibition rum-runners to shots-guzzling spring breakers to current craft beer geeks, Fort Liquordale and its surrounding suburbs have definitely earned their reputation for copious consumption of booze in the past century. Even with all the heavy drinking, our fair county has been...

The Ten Best Hollywood Beach Restaurants and Bars to Visit Before Margaritaville Arrives

2 years ago by Zachary Fagenson
Big changes are coming to Hollywood Beach. In a little more than two years Margaritaville, a 350-room, 17 story, $149 million resort wonderland will rise smack in the middle of the Broadwalk. Some restaurant owners are saying the nearly 800 parking spots removed from the beach will be their end...

The Dirty Dozen: 2010's Most Despicable People

4 years ago by Michael J. Mooney
Click here to see illustrations and photos of our Dirty Dozen picks. Apathy. Can you hear it? The silence that hovers from the beaches to the swamps. The lethargy that keeps people from standing up and fighting back. The malaise that makes South Florida so seedy, so corrupt, so chock-full...

Ten Best Dive Bars in Broward County

2 years ago by Falyn Freyman
Sometimes you just want to go where everyone knows your name; that safe, familiar dive where the drinks are cheap, the lighting is low, and you can always get away with wearing sandals and a T-shirt with stains on it. Because the only thing anyone cares about at a dive...
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