Sports & Recreation

  • Ricky Williams

    Best Dolphins Player

    Ricky Williams

    Did you doubt Ricky Williams? Back in 2004, did you call him selfish? Did you burn a jersey or smash a bobblehead? Did you mock him for his personal problems? Ricky said he needed to find himself. He retired and moved to a tent in the Australian outback. He enrolled in a holistic medicine school, studied Hinduism in India, taught… More >>
  • Joey Porter (DUI)

    Best Addition by Subtraction

    Joey Porter (DUI)

    Have you ever been eating something that tasted OK — except for one ingredient that completely dominated the flavor? Maybe the recipe contained capers or mayonnaise or sardines. You know the whole thing would be better if only you could take that shit out, if you could go back in time and never put it in. Those salty capers, that… More >>
  • Dwyane Wade

    Best Heat Player

    Dwyane Wade

    Yes, he's had his share of off-the-court drama: the messy divorce, the horribly ill-advised business dealings, the legendary partying. And yes, he comes with all the distractions of a superstar: the occasional one-on-one with President Obama, the months training for and playing in the Olympics, the sweet courting whispers from every intelligent GM and coach in the league. And it's… More >>
  • Goaltender Tomas Vokoun

    Best Panthers Player

    Goaltender Tomas Vokoun

    No hockey player feels the shame of a losing franchise like the goalie. This season, the Panthers missed the playoffs for an NHL-record tenth consecutive year, and their struggles obscured what could have been a sterling season for Tomas Vokoun. In 2009-10, the 33-year-old Czech netminder posted a .925 save percentage, the third-best mark in the league. The save percentage… More >>
  • Best Cheap Thrill

    Pool Jumping in Palm Beach

    Most of the überwealthy don't bother to drain their pools when they go north for the summer, which means their onyx and ultramarine oases are ours for the backstroking. Like the famous character in the John Cheever story "The Swimmer," with a little planning, a person in reasonably good shape could practically swim the length of the island in, say,… More >>
  • Best Marlin

    Hanley Ramirez

    Yeah, he took it easy after he kicked that ball into left field and dissed Freddy Gonzalez a little, but that can't offset the greatness of Hanley. Ultimately he apologized, and the team was better off for it. Can't a superstar get a diva moment once a season or so? Sure he can. And Ramirez is a superstar, one of… More >>
  • Hollywood Rifle and Pistol Club

    Best Shooting Range

    Hollywood Rifle and Pistol Club

    The HRPC, hidden just off Stirling Road behind a chainlink fence, looks more like an old Moose Lodge than a modern gun club. The range is all outdoors, and there's no air conditioning. Shooters have to walk out to their targets, which are hoisted on poles affixed to old tires. The PA system is crackly, and the buildings look like… More >>
  • Best Jogging Path

    Pompano Community Park

    Find the "start" sign and dash past the kids' playground, the families picnicking under the pavilions, and the young men playing basketball on the court. Fly past the quarter-mile marker, through the trees and manicured foliage. Pass the tennis lessons and benches and outdoor gym stations (chin-ups, anyone?). Gasping, you'll stumble upon the half-mile marker and jog past the gigantic… More >>
  • Best Female Athlete

    Anonka Dixon, Miami Caliente

    If you think women can't play football, you've never seen Anonka Dixon. She's part owner of the Miami Fury, the 11-on-11 women's franchise, but it's as quarterback of the Miami Caliente, South Florida's lingerie football team, that she completely dominates. At 33 years old, Dixon is the best player in the Lingerie Football League. She led the LFL in every… More >>
  • Best Dog Park

    Canine Beach

    If you have a fenced-in patch of grass outside your house, you might talk yourself out of taking your dog Roscoe to the dog park. Grass here, grass there, you might say. As long as Roscoe still gets his play dates, everything's swell. Well, just try talking yourself out of taking the ol' best friend to Canine Beach, where Roscoe… More >>
  • John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

    Best Kayaking

    John D. MacArthur Beach State Park

    Paddle past the mangroves into the pull of a light breeze and enjoy the uninterrupted chorus of insects. No traffic, no sirens, not a condo in sight. It's so quiet, you can hear the gentle slap of water against the boat. Occasionally, a spindly legged egret appears on the shoreline or maybe a regal blue heron. You watch in awe… More >>
  • Best Rookies

    Vontae Davis and Sean Smith

    We cheated a little bit on this one and put two names up there, but these guys are Dolphin cornerbacks who we hope will be playing together for years to come. Both had big moments in their rookie year, and both possess something you can't teach. With Davis, it's an incredible instinct for the big play (and big hit). With… More >>
  • Best Up-and-Coming Athlete

    Sachia Vickery

    When she was 5, Sachia Vickery plucked a cheap tennis racket off the shelf of a Miramar shop and told her mother that she'd be the next Venus Williams. A decade has passed and Vickery, now 15, is on track to make good on that improbable promise. The former top-ranked 12-year-old in the nation, Vickery rarely plays against an opponent… More >>
  • Stranahan Park

    Best Park

    Stranahan Park

    It comes in at a measly 1.6 acres, but that's all Stranahan Park needs. Because the park's beauty doesn't only lie with its rare cypress trees — its beauty is also seen in how downtown Fort Lauderdale molds to it. Eateries, businesses, and the Broward County Main Library swarm the wilderness area, making it the perfect meeting grounds for lunch.… More >>
  • David Lee, Dolphins Quarterbacks Coach

    Best Coach

    David Lee, Dolphins Quarterbacks Coach

    You've probably never heard of David Lee — but you've seen his work. You've seen it in exotic formations and in the play of several quarterbacks. You've also seen the results in the Dolphins win column. Lee is a longtime Arkansas Razorback and a Parcells guy. He was an assistant in Dallas during the Tuna's reign. When he came to… More >>
  • Best FAU Player

    Alfred Morris

    A good football player can take hits, go long, and emerge victorious. A great football player will switch positions to benefit the team, lead his conference in rushing yards, and practically require a herd of elephants to take him down. For FAU, that player is Alfred Morris. The 2009 season was the sophomore's first as a starter. Last year, he… More >>
  • Cosmic Bingo, Seminole Casino of Hollywood

    Best Place to Play Bingo

    Cosmic Bingo, Seminole Casino of Hollywood

    It's Friday night. It's dark but for the disco ball and the neon flicker of glowsticks and the shimmer of booze on the lips of everyone in the room. A mix of old and new pop music blasts through the thunderous sound system. An MC encourages a handful of players to "shake dat ass!" as he calls out letter-number combinations.… More >>
  • Michael Beasley

    Best Sports Enigma

    Michael Beasley

    Before he even shot his first jumper as a member of the Miami Heat, the silky six-foot-ten Beasley was in trouble. While at an NBA rookie camp, he was busted in a hotel room that police said smelled strongly of marijuana. How did the police find out about it? A fire alarm. Which begs the question: Just how much were… More >>
  • Jozy Altidore

    Best Soccer Player

    Jozy Altidore

    Jozy Altidore was born to play soccer. When a coach spotted an 8-year-old Jozy playing in a park, he guaranteed Jozy's parents that the boy would play for the national team in a few years. Jozy didn't have a childhood like the rest of us. Boca Raton was home, but he grew up in soccer camps all over the country,… More >>
  • Diamond Strike Lanes

    Best Bowling Alley

    Diamond Strike Lanes

    A bowling alley is only as good as the party it contains, and Diamond Strike Lanes, AKA Pompano Bowl, does plenty to literally get the ball rolling. Under blacklights on weekend evenings or the amid the warm glow of a quick game after work, all 32 lanes are fertile for camaraderie, budding love, and family togetherness. Beyond the mystical powers… More >>
  • Ted Ginn Jr.

    Best Sports Bust

    Ted Ginn Jr.

    Only three years ago, the Dolphins used the ninth overall pick in the draft to take Ted Ginn Jr. He was a fast playmaker from a powerhouse program, but even then, it seemed like a huge reach. It was. In three years, he's had five touchdown receptions. Three of the five players drafted right after him have already gone to… More >>
  • Best Fighter

    Tyron Woodley

    Since entering local MMA powerhouse American Top Team, Tyron "T-Wood" Woodley's career has taken off. T-Wood is a two-time All American NCAA wrestler from the University of Missouri with a perfect 7-0 record in MMA. He's also as fierce a grappler as there is in the sport, able to take his opponents to the mat and dominate them with ease.… More >>
  • Yoga One

    Best Yoga

    Yoga One

    Steve Feinzig, a wisecracking Jewish guy from Brooklyn, walks into the studio in gym shorts and a T-shirt. The space he enters has an aura of sanctity — gleaming wood floors, high ceilings, low light, curtained walls. Steve is perfectly at home. He and his wife, Darlene, built this place. He sits cross-legged and starts discussing his die-hard love of… More >>