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Best Barbecue Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2011 - East Coast BBQ - CLOSED

East Coast BBQ

East Coast BBQ

949-B E. McNab Road

Pompano Beach, FL 33060


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Slaving over an oven that spews thick, resinous clouds of wood smoke is an arduous task, one reserved only for the most passionate. That's why good barbecue is all about passion — the love of the craft, the desire to rise above mediocrity and produce a truly exceptional product. That's the driving force at Pompano's East Coast BBQ. This hidden gem is located far in the back corner of a Publix parking lot, out of roadside view and with little signage to speak of. But owner Dave Audet and his staff pump out barbecue as if they were competing for the grand prize at a state fair. The pork is pulled into meaty, thick strands, full of texture. The moist smoked turkey isn't anything like those sad Thanksgiving birds — it's a whole other beast, full of brined, marinated goodness. And the ribs... oh God, the ribs. These dry-rubbed racks are competition-quality, plucked straight from Audet's high-tech pellet smoker and given a quick turn on the grill to char them up before they land on your plate. What you get is rib perfection: tender bark collapsing over waves of rendered fat, which, upon biting, coats the succulent meat inside with its own gravylicious juice. Goddamn. Complete the package with some no-fuss sides like stellar baked beans and German-style potato salad and you might very well think you're at a competition cook-off.

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I was at this restaurant two weeks ago and though I enjoyed my food very much, the pork is not pulled as the reviewer said. Instead it is chopped but you also have the option of sliced. Also, the potato salad is not german which uses white vinegar but is southern style which uses hard boiled eggs.That said, I love the turkey and smoked kielbasa here, very very good.Also, Dr. Monobo and his wife Miriam love the ribs here.


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