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Best Caribbean Restaurant Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2011 - Sheila's Famous BBQ, Conch, and More - CLOSED

Sheila\'s Famous BBQ, Conch, and More

Sheila's Famous BBQ, Conch, and More

1132 S. J St.

Lake Worth, FL 33460


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For over a year, New Times has praised the slow-smoked barbecue found at Sheila's, a yellow, roadside food shack in Lake Worth. But the real draw at this casual eatery is the conch: a meaty shellfish as integral to the Caribbean as steel drums and sunshine. Sheila's gets down on the mollusc in a variety of ways: as an impeccably fresh salad mixed with tomato, bell pepper, and lime; in baseball-sized conch fritters studded with luxurious chunks of meat. But our favorite? That would be the cracked conch, done up in true Bahamian fashion — which is to say, pounded into tender morsels and lightly dredged in flour, then deep-fried until beautifully brown and crisp. Squirt it with some fresh lime juice and give it a dunk in Sheila's zesty dipping sauce and that conch is practically flawless. A little pigeon peas and rice, some slow-stewed collard greens, and a seat on the stone benches underneath Sheila's outdoor awning and your trip to the Caribbean is complete.

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How could Bamboo Fire in Delray be overlooked?


Bamboo Fire won last year... NT doesn't typically give awards for two years in a row.


Bamboo was best last year. Bamboo is a bit more eclectic -- and is perhaps considered more than "Caribbean"

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