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Best Chicken Wings Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2011 - Garlic Wings at Tark's

Garlic Wings at Tark\'s

Garlic Wings at Tark's

1317 S. Federal Highway

Dania Beach, FL 33004


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Those in the know don't go to glorified wing houses for the best chicken wings in town. They go to a kitchen painted sea-foam green and sit (that is, if you can find a spot) or stand drumstick distance from fellow in-the-know diners. Tark's has been a Dania Beach institution for 45 years, so the folks there know chicken wings as well as their local seafood. Order the meaty drumettes "hot" and be prepared to discard your outer layer. Get 'em "terminator" and prepare to say hasta la vista to your shirt. But the best flavor, which meets all prerequisites for glorious deep-fried wings, is simply "garlic." Crispy, saucy, and flecked with minced clove, these hunky bundles are so juicy, they sweat. Best of all, ten wings come free with a purchased pitcher of beer on Wednesdays.

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You got it so right!!!! Tarks is the best!!!


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