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Best Duo Art Exhibition Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2011 - "Inspired by Nature: Beyond Function"


"Inspired by Nature: Beyond Function"

2855 Coral Springs Dr.

Coral Springs, FL 33065


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It's rare to find two artists whose styles are as in tune as Jan Kolenda and Bob Bagley's, and it's rarer still to run across a museum show that plays them off each other as well as this joint exhibition at the Coral Springs Museum. Kolenda works with clay. Bagley is a woodworker. Each had segments of the exhibition devoted to his or her own work, along with a handful of pieces the two artists collaborated on. The marvel, though, is that the works mingled as freely as if they had sprung from the same sensibility — one that prizes the organic over the inorganic, form over function, beauty over practicality.

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