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Ten Best Parties for Winter Music Conference 2011, March 10 to 13

4 years ago by S. Pajot
The human body is an amazing biological machine. You can try your damnedest to irreversibly damage its every last cell by subjecting it to a sleepless six-day Winter Music Conference spree of ass-pounding party music, 36-hour dancing blackouts, and a diet consisting of Red Bull, vodka, and miscellaneous pharmacological products...

Bayside Rocks Festival 2011 Lineup Announced

4 years ago by Travis Newbill
​Did anyone order some positive vibes? Ya, mon! Celebrating 50 years of Wailers music and the timeless power of music to uplift people, the annual Bayside Rocks Festival returns to Miami on November 19. Among those making up a true wail of a lineup is the only surviving member of...

Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival Is New and Improved For 2011

4 years ago by John Linn
More beers, a larger local contingent, and a much bigger space are all on the docket for this year's Jupiter Craft Brewers Festival, going down January 28 and 29 at Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter. Oh and plenty of drinking, dancing, and people dressed as Trappist monks. That too.The annual festival began...

Dinner Theater and Burgers Dominated 2011, So What's Coming for 2012?

3 years ago by Melissa McCart
I think I have a problem," said chef Roy Villacrusis of Kapow! Noodle Bar, the subject of last week's Dish review. "I don't care what people think." He's not just talking about the menu at the Mizner Park noodle house where he's the chef. It's his attitude about cooking these...

Ten Best Chefs in Broward County

2 years ago by Sara Ventiera
Broward County is known for many things: beautiful beaches, spring break, giant yachts, the largest per-capita gay community in the country, an inability to vote properly, the most hated woman on the internet in Taylor Chapman -- well, a couple of months ago, at least -- the nice Prancercise lady,...
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