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Best Gadfly Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2011 - Mike Butler

Enter any discussion about Hallandale Beach's city government and you'll find yourself surrounded by bickering. Taxes are going up and parks are going to ruin while the city manager makes a cool half-million a year. Mayor Joy Cooper is a polarizing figure, to put it nicely (she's one of the loudest boosters for red-light cameras), and Commissioner Keith London seems bent on making her life hell. Into all this enters Mike Butler, a soft-spoken, well-tanned resident who looks like he wandered off a yacht and into City Hall, where he relentlessly questions the city's business deals and posts damning information on his blog. "Mike Butler doesn't shoot from the hip; he shoots the facts," quips London, who often circulates Butler's posts at City Commission meetings. He doesn't look like your typical gadfly, and he doesn't shout like your typical Hallandalian. Which is, all in all, for the best.

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Commissioner Keith S. London
Commissioner Keith S. London

Mike Butler ROCKS!This is well deserved reconnection for a person who just wants good government in his home town.Everyone please go to to see the facts and hard work Mike is being recognized for.Please leave a comment and congratulate him on his site and here at the New Times.Commissioner Keith S. London

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Congratulations Mike!

I am more than happy to pass the Stanley Cup onto you!  Your work is nothing short of amazing.

Chaz Stevens, Winner 2010 Best Gadfly


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